Table Element-2

Table Element-2


A large dining table (length 4 meters) made of solid wood is made in the style of the Chalet from the solid wood of Karagach with a "living", natural edge.

Natural cracks in the tree are filled with transparent epoxy resin.

The thickness of the countertop is 10 (!!!) centimeters. For such a heavy tabletop requires a reliable base. Our masters made a beautiful and reliable base of solid wood, which gave the table an interesting look and securely fastened the countertop.

A beautiful large wooden table for a large family.

  • Size

    400 x 110 x 75 cm

  • Material

    Solid wood Karagach, epoxy resin

  • Details

    The table is made to order. Ready for shipment in 6-8 weeks.

This price is without shipping

This price is without shipping

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