Furniture company Hard Massive

Hard Massive is one of the most ambitious leading furni­ture companies in Russia.


Founded in 2011 it has grown and developed three manufacture branches: tables, custom made furniture and stairs.


For six years our  furniture has been purchased by land-lords, businessmen and hotel owners in 
order to create an unique, fantastic atmosphere in the office or at home.  We bring nature to your  
households- but extremely carefully.



The uniqueness of our company is that  we use only  fallen or dried trees  aged  over 300 years, and never cut  them alive. That's  why  we proudly hold the prestigious ECO BEST Award in the category "Furniture production" and several diplomas from Moscow City Nature Authority and Department of Nature and Wildlife.

Furniture company Hard Massive
Eco best furniture company
Furniture company Hard Massive

Our wood

Every  piece  of furniture is manufactured by hand in our  work­ shops  using rare and valuable wood from Caucasus and Lake of Baikal shores.

Furniture company Hard Massive

Elm, Siberian cedar and larch, Angara  pine, plane tree  will  bring the  breath of passed  centuries and energy of wide natural landscapes.

No one material in the  world is like those we are working with every day.